My Predictions About The Death Of Bin Laden

May 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

When I first heard the news the first thing I thought was “Why Today?” As I watch the president’s address he mentioned that he’d/they’d been following the lead since August and basically known for sure since last week where he [Bin Laden] was. I think that many readers here might agree that this day has not been a matter of if but when since maybe as far back as 2001… who knows? So I’m just going to go out on a limb as I have some predictions about this whole thing and the timing of it. It seems as the foreign markets open today that some of the predictions are beginning to take shape already but only time will tell. I think that the timing of the killing of Bin Laden will have many implications beyond the scope of any person or persons to see. That being said here are the first 4 that come to my mind: 1) the first of the Republican debates this week, 2) the silver short story, 3) the debt ceiling and 4) the end of QE2… well 5 things, my wedding on this coming Saturday :) .

1) The dollar index was tanking last week and silver was like the engine that could trying to break away from $50 an ounce mark. Most reading this have probably read about the massive short positions out there and the length which the big boys are going to reestablish their shorts and crash silver. In case you have not, here’s a short video which describes it pretty well and simply Click here for short video. The Asian markets have only been open for…. well about as long as rumors of the president’s announcement hit the airwaves this evening. In that time the dollar index has rallied and silver has crashed $5 an ounce. Today also happens to be the end of the 1st quarter (the 1st Monday after April 30th) which is traditionally the day which short positions and deliveries of precious metal come due. I predict a further pullback in silver on the heels of all of this. This is all music to my ears really. Everyone should raid their saving and stock up during this pull back IMHO. I don’t know how much they’ll get out of the pullback or how long it will last. It is clear though that in the end, silver will be unstoppable. They can only catch Bin Laden once after all.

2) It should be clear to everyone that this is going to DEEPLY affect the republican field during this election. In what ways I do no know. The good news is that this bump will not last Obama through to the election and his ruinous economic policies (with his Republican friends) will never cease to haunt him in the coming years. Luckily for those interested in Ron Paul this, I believe, will only help his chances. He never sought to claim the head of Bin Laden as many, now failed, Republicans have. Furthermore, the Ron Paul sites are already alive with comments about leaving the Middle East. We all know that that is not the agenda of the administration though but we also know is that this can only strengthen Dr. Paul’s arguments of abandoning frivolous wars in the Middle East. Catching Bin Laden was a major objective in ‘the war on terror’. With an increasingly war-weary public the rational for our military presence in the Middle East is dwindling. Common sense people, I believe, may find themselves agreeing more and more with Ron Paul’s philosophies on foreign policy. At least one would hope so. Once again, we will have to see.

3) The debt ceiling will get raised with little debate now that the public is giddy and distracted. You’ll hear about it, but it will be back page news. Either that or they’ll say: “If we don’t raise the debt ceiling Bin Laden will re-animate and lead the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse on an unstoppable jihad on the most free Americans.” Or some variation of that, it will probably sound more like: “With the leaps we’ve made in the past weeks in securing America we cannot afford to lose that ground by de-funding our efforts to halt global terrorism at this critical moment in history. We are on the brink of victory in a war where it is impossible to declare victory.” (I ask General Petraeus about perpetual war in the Middle East in this video). Ok so they might leave out that last part.

4) Even if the debt ceiling is raised there may be no one who wants to buy our treasuries with The Fed’s QE2 ending in June. S&P; just lowered the credit rating of the USA so the USD and USA in general needs a boost to keep this bond bubble from popping. With QE1 & QE2 The Fed bought something like 800 billion in treasuries. Almost a Trillion more dollars printed into existence! I don’t know what M3 is these days… I don’t even thing they’re publishing it anymore but basically that’s a whole crap load of money which will, once it trickles down to the masses, dilute all dollar savings around world. The unsustainable fiscal policies of Quantitative Easing executed by The Fed and Treasury, explained well in this short video QE Explained in less than 7 mins, will require more actual money be invested in treasuries at some point. In order to do this they must ‘rally’ the USA and attract foreign investment. The signs we’re seeing now in the wee hours of early foreign markets show that this announcement may already be paying off in this respect.

5) Lastly, as if this past weekend’s Royal wedding, which people have been looking forward to all year, didn’t overshadow my wedding this coming weekend enough!… Now a decade of American longing has been fulfilled only 6 days prior to what is supposed to be my ‘big day’. I’m sure given this that the media blackout of my wedding will only continue and deepen!

These are just a few predictions for this historic day in our country. Maybe I’ll be right and can take credit or maybe I’ll be wrong and learn my lesson about predictions. Either way it was fun to think about.

Rich Clarke