Where Have All of The Men Gone? The Edge Of The Sword

January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

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I had an interesting social experience a couple of hours ago. I hope those that read it enjoy it or get something out of it.

Here in Georgia (Atlanta) we just got, oh, about 6 inches of snow in approximately 4 hours (tip of the hat to Al Gore). I was at a colleague’s house working on a project when he came back from outside and said, “If you want any chance of getting home you should leave now.” Myself and another left post haste with already an inch on the ground after about 45 minutes of snowfall. Snow plows down here are about as common as The Yeti so you can imagine the scene. Luckily most motorists were aware of the impending storm and stayed off the road. However there I was in the driving snow thinking to myself that this trip was ill advised/You’re an idiot. My fiancĂ©e had told be to stay there if the weather got bad so I knew if anything happened I’d get an earful.

Everything was going quite well until I reached a hill on the East West connector about 10 miles from home. Traffic stopped and I was about 50 or so cars back in the mix. I sat for about 5 minutes contemplating my options and seriously wondering if I was going to have to abandon my vehicle and walk that far. I went for the ‘walk up and see what’s going on’ option. I was quite a ways back and it was cold so I ran to the head of the congestion about a quarter mile ahead. There stood a large hill with several vehicles at various elevations and in various forms of stuck-in-the-snow-ness.

Several others had exited their vehicles and we banded together to start pushing. At first it wasn’t going well but soon we managed to get a system going. We tried to convince rear wheel drive motorists to pull off to the right lane and wait as front wheel drive vehicles could easily tackle the hill. You can imagine how well that went over. We moved about 100 cars through… maybe more. The rear wheel folks would get through of course and I’d have to go all the way up the hill with them because they’d get stuck every 50 feet or so. After pushing one up the hill with another guy I went down to find only one or two people around and jam up as a rear wheel drive car came to the cue. Most of my original crew was gone as their cars had been freed. I realized that my car was running somewhere about a quarter mile back and probably blocking traffic so after freeing that SUV I ran back what seemed like forever looking for my car. I found it and luckily cars were moving by it in the other lane. I moved it up some, so that I could at least reap some benefit for all the work, and then proceeded on foot back to the front.

On my way to my car everyone was rolling down their windows asking. “Hey what’s going on up there?”, “Hey are things moving up there?”, “Has anyone called the police?” (I laughed at that one. No way in hell they could get here). So on my way back to the front I knocked on windows with male drivers to enlist help as there were not many pushers left. Most just looked at me in a really confused fashion. I knocked on one tough looking guy’s window. Looked like the military type and he had a girl with him. He rolled down his window and I asked him to come help. He proceeded to ask me a slew of questions about the situation. I answered, told him why it was backed and he should come help. He then bitched about it yelling out that it’s a “Damn Chinese Traffic Jam”, whatever that is, in tone like all the people in front of him were idiots. All the while not budging from his seat. I just said “fine don’t come” and yelled as I walked away “Enjoy your MAN!” to his blonde passenger. That was probably the most dangerous point of the evening, not because of the snow but because the guy finally got out of the car and now could not seem to stifle his MANhood as he accosted me for saying such a disrespectful thing in front of his lady friend. I apologized and said I’m sorry I’ve been pushing cars for about 45 minutes. He said “Well that’s not my problem you shouldn’t take your frustration out on me.” Perhaps he’s right, but after the blank stares I got through nearly 100% of the windows I appealed to for help I was just like “What is wrong with these men?” So unfortunately he got the brunt of that observation. In all likelihood his elicit reaction was because there was some truth to my statement. He even threatened to snap my neck… All this after I had personally done about 40% of all the work that had kept him inching forward (past my car) for the last 30 minutes. The front was jammed up again when I arrived and we got it cleared and kept going. That distraught man disappeared amongst the commotion. I think I saw him push one car and later only noted his absence. I’m sure I pushed him out later. I hope his girl took note.

Bottom line, and I’m sorry this was so long, is not one man I asked came willingly or sprung to action. I guess all the go-getters had already freed their cars and moved on. I felt like a salesman out there trying to sell them the way out of being stuck in the snow in the middle of nowhere. Some came, but only after much prodding. I’m not saying I’m some great hero or anything. I’m just saying … where have all the men gone? It really is true that in society it’s about 5% of the population that leads. “The edge of sword” as they say. The masses sit in their car, not knowing what’s going on just 100 yards in front of them, hoping that someone else will push them out. It makes me really worry about the days ahead as times are sure to go from bad to worse in the relatively near future. Everyone on here should know that you’ll be the 5% everyone will look to. You know what’s around the bend (more or less) and will take action to make things better while everyone else looks around in confusion wondering what the hell is happening.


This for anyone who cares if I got out. Everyone else can go check out other posts :) . I looked back to see a Mack truck without a trailer (rear wheel drive) trying to make its way to the front. I went up to him and was said “man… I hate to say this but you might not make it and if you get stuck half way up the hill there’s no way we’ll be able to push you around like these little SUVs and get you out. You could block the whole road!” He said “naw man… If I can get going I’ll make it just fine!” and he was insistent. He was trying to go around a car and was stuck and he then asked… “Is that your car in front of me?” I look and to my amazement… it was. “I said yeah… I can move it for you”… I looked back at that truck knowing what would happen as he climbed the hill and looked ahead and the road was more of less clear. I said to myself, “I’ve done all I can here” and drove off easily maneuvering past a few stuck rear wheel drive cars. I was home in 10 minutes and exhausted. It took me well over an hour to make a trip that’s normally 20 minutes.